Gouch Racing

Peter GouchPeter Gouch died in 2017 at 79. He was known as one of the leading race drivers from South Africa who was a national champion and raced in the SA Saloon in the 1960s.

In 1969, he was invited to split the race duties with Formula One (F1) McLaren driver, Peter Gethin, at the Kyalami nine-hour endurance race. The two raced in a Porsche 906 which at the time was a world-beater of a race car and Gouch was winning the pole at nearly every race that he attended.

Not too much longer in his career Gouch suffered a major setback while also racing with a partner in Basil van Rooyen at a six hour endurance race at Bulawayo raceway. As legend tells it, the fuel tank wasn’t well secured after a pit stop and that caused the Mazda that they were racing to catch fire. In thar era, there wasn’t the type of fire-proof suits that we have today. Gooch was burned over 65 percent of his body and had to have countless surgeries as his race suit melted into his skin causing massive damage and pain.

Gouch would amazingly return to racing and there was even a NASCAR team named after him. Gouch would be injured again in a bicycle accident that would pretty much end his racing career.

Peter Gouch is remembered as one of racings pioneers at a time when names like Carol Shelby, Ken Miles, Phil Hill, Bruce McLaren and others shared the spotlight.